There is no doubt that religion has played a significant role in Irish history and society. As a result, it’ll come to no surprise to learn that you can find many imposing and impressive religious buildings throughout Galway and Connemara. Whether you may be religious or not, the beautiful cathedrals, churches, monasteries and abbeys throughout the county are certainly worth checking out!

Witness the beautiful architectural design of the buildings exterior, a truly an incredible engineering feat for it’s time, and discover the intricate work and craftsmanship gone into the wonderful features to be found in the stonework, marble-work, glass-work and woodwork throughout the different religious structures.

Learn about the often rich history and stories associated with each of the religious buildings which add to the intrigue of these remarkable places. You can find out more about the fascinating religious buildings in Galway below and if the opportunity arises, be sure to stay and experience the religious ceremonies and musical concerts which may be taking place in some of them too!


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