Religion has played a significant role in Irish history and society over the centuries, and it is evident through the number of religious ruins from different eras that are scattered throughout the Galway landscape. Sadly, with the turbulent history of invasions, battles, and conflict of religion in Ireland’s past, many of these religious structures were left to ruin in the aftermath.

Nonetheless, these religious ruins have become an intriguing part of the landscape in Galway with many interesting and unique features still to be explored. Some ruins, although windowless and roofless, are still quite large in size and are quite impressive and imposing structures to be admired. In truth, it’s amazing that most of these ruins have lasted as well as they have down through the years!

Be sure to roam the ruins of these once important religious strongholds, and learn about the history and stories associated with each place. Take some time to admire the intricate features and expert craftsmanship which can still be found throughout the ruins. Check out our list of religious ruins throughout Galway, Connemara, and the Aran Islands below and rediscover these places of once great religious importance.