With thousands of kilometres of unspoiled coastline, Ireland is home to some of the world’s most stunning beaches. Thankfully, many of these stunning beaches can be found along the coastline of Galway and on the offshore Islands of Inishbofin and the Aran Islands. From rocky shorelines to beautiful sandy plains to secluded and hidden beaches, you can find the perfect beach for you here.

Although the weather in Galway can be changeable, there is nothing better for the body, mind, and soul than relaxing on a tropical-like beach during the warm weather, feeling the sand between your toes, taking a dip in the cool Atlantic Ocean (which is possible all year round depending on how brave you are!), or catching a wave as you surf the coastline.

So no matter what the season, a trip to one of the fabulous beaches across Galway should always be on the cards. Whether it might be for a romantic stroll on the beach, building sand castles with the kids, taking a dip in the Atlantic Sea, watching surfers test their skills on the wild Atlantic waves, or simply feeling the fresh sea breeze on your face, it’s simply a must-do!