It is said that Ireland is home to more than 3,000 holy wells which can be found throughout the country, so it’s only natural that you can expect to find a few scattered throughout the landscape of Galway. These holy wells are often found in areas of natural beauty and are usually in the form of a natural spring, an elaborate stone monument, a tidal well or otherwise, and provide a tranquil place for people to sit and reflect for a while.

You will find that the holy wells in Ireland are also often attached to or associated with a particular saint or legend, while some wells are also rumoured to have their own healing properties too! As a result of this, the holy wells in Galway have often been sites of worship and prayer down throughout the centuries and are still visited today by those who seek the miraculous cures offered by the waters.

Below, you can find a number of holy wells that can be found throughout Galway along with further information about the particular saints and legends associated with each well and the healing properties and cures offered by the waters in some. Even if you don’t find a miraculous cure for your ailments from the waters, we found that just to sit and reflect in the often tranquil surrounds of a holy well is good for the mind and soul.