The Irish countryside is rich with traditional industrial and farming buildings of old, to include structures like mills, ice houses, kilns and more. In Galway you can find several of these structures scattered throughout the county, some now in ruin, while others have been preserved and now tell the story of its history and significant importance to the local community in times gone by.

Take yourself back in time and see how food was kept chilled and cold when modern day convenience such as fridges didn’t exist! Learn about the different types of mills, their importance to the community, how they typically operated, along with even having the opportunity to see a mill in full operation with the water wheel turning.

Explore the now abandoned lime kilns which were once used to produce lime through the burning of limestone and which the lime was then predominantly spread on the land to improve the quality of it. Check out the many industrial structures of the past below and rediscover the rich industrial and farming techniques, practices and heritage that once existed in Galway.


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