Who doesn’t love a good museum! They are a treasure trove of history, memorabilia, information, heritage, culture and so much more. Museums truly bring to life the history and heritage of a region and help you understand and appreciate what life was like once in the area where you’re visiting. Their interactive exhibits also make for great learning fun for children too. What’s more, because museums are indoors they are perfect for visiting on those rainy days, of which there can be many on the West Coast of Ireland.

Luckily there are many fantastic museums, heritage centres and interpretative centres to be found throughout Galway which feature a whole host of fantastic exhibits, history, culture, artefacts and more, and which cover a diverse range of subjects. For example, you can discover Galway’s rich literary history of Lady Gregory, W.B. Yeats and others at the Kiltartan Gregory Museum and Thoor Ballylee, uncover the history of the iconic Claddagh Ring at the Claddagh Ring Museum and the Claddagh Ring Visitor Centre, and explore the local culture, heritage and lives of Galway people throughout the years at the Irish Workhouse Centre, the Connemara Heritage Centre, the Galway City Museum and more.

Recap the history of Galway, Connemara and the Islands through a visit to these remarkable museums and learn about the history, culture and heritage which has shaped Galway as we know it.