Galway has no shortage of attractions, but if you’re looking to see and experience things with a little bit of a difference or with an unusual story to tell, then you’re in the right place. From the weirdly wonderful to the wonderfully unique, you are sure to find something that will heighten your curiosity during your stay here in Galway.

Take a detour off the typical tourist agenda and discover some unusual attractions and places that are filled with oddity’s, surprises, humour, culture, traditions, history and even some world beaters. Learn about what makes each of these places unique and unearth the stories which you would never have known otherwise from their surface. 

Not only can you find some of these attractions in dramatic and picturesque settings, the perfect backdrop for any photo, you will also find obscure sites which will add a bit of curiosity and bemusement to your travel snaps. So check out some of these off the beaten type attractions below and explore Galway with a difference. 


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