Ireland has had a long and turbulent history comprising of Norman invasions, Irish kings, British intervention, and more, all trying to leave their mark and assert power over the land in some way. As a result of this turbulent history, a wide assortment of stunning castles built throughout the centuries still remain dotted throughout the landscape today. Therefore, it’s near impossible not to stumble upon a medieval marvel, an imposing military tower, a dramatic ruin, or a picturesque Castle during your time in Galway.

Often found on river banks, islands, rocky coastlines, key market towns, or wooded areas, the castles in Galway are often described as like something out of a fairy-tale. What’s more, several castles throughout the county have been restored to their former glory and have become romantic places to stay for anyone looking to live it up like a king or queen and experience castle living.

With each and every castle having their own unique history and heritage, it’s no wonder that castles in Ireland have become very popular attractions to visit. Below, you can find a long list of the many amazing castles throughout Galway, Connemara, and the Aran Islands and discover the history of these impressive and imposing places. If only those walls could talk…!