You can be certain to find a wide array of exciting outdoor activities and adventures to experience in Galway. From spectator sports to testing your own skills, and from a relaxed pace to action-packed, there’s guaranteed to be a fun activity that you’ll love. And when the typical West of Ireland weather doesn’t cooperate, there are plenty of enjoyable indoor activities to explore too!

Whether you’re here for a day, a week, or longer, there’s no shortage of fun activities in Galway for everyone to choose from, catering to all tastes and needs, regardless of the season. Be sure to check out some of the different activities below to make the most of your trip to Galway.


If you’re in search of a variety of fun and unique activities all in one place, then be sure to explore some of the fantastic activity centres and providers throughout Galway and Connemara. Discover a host of excellent activities now and make your trip to Galway an unforgettable one!


While in Galway, why not attend a GAA Football match and experience the Irish sport of Gaelic Football? Sit back and enjoy the atmosphere as you cheer for the Galway team, all while asking a local about the rules of the game. You’ll find yourself becoming a passionate fan of this amateur sport in no time!


Be sure to attend a GAA Hurling match while in Galway and experience the Irish sport of Gaelic Hurling, often referred to as the ‘sport of the small ball’. Sit back and enjoy the excitement as you cheer for the Galway team, all while asking a local about the rules of the game. You’ll be amazed by the incredible skill of these amateur players – it’s a lot harder than it looks!


Galway is home to the Connacht Rugby team, one of the four provincial rugby teams in Ireland. Be sure to catch a game while in Galway and immerse yourself in the thrilling atmosphere at the sportsground. You’ll find yourself becoming a Connacht Rugby enthusiast in no time as you cheer the team on!


If you’re visiting Galway during a home fixture, make sure to head down to Eamonn Deacy Park and cheer on the boys in maroon. As contenders in the League of Ireland, Galway United is one of the few clubs located on the west coast of Ireland. Whether you call it soccer or football, you’re sure to become a Galway United fan in no time!


So, how good is your golf game? Fortunately, there are numerous excellent golf courses located throughout Galway and Connemara that will challenge your golf skills. What’s more, the surrounding scenery of the courses is often worth the green fee alone. It’s the perfect destination for a golfing break!


Galway is the ideal destination for those with a keen interest in fishing. With its location on the west coast of Ireland, sea fishing in the Atlantic Ocean is an opportunity not to be missed. Furthermore, the numerous inland rivers and lakes throughout Galway and Connemara create a paradise for fishing enthusiasts.


Why not explore Galway from its waterways? Whether it’s diving into the depths of the Atlantic Ocean, kayaking on the picturesque rivers, or catching a wave surfing, there’s an abundance of water-based activities to keep you engaged. Check out the various watersports available in Galway below.


Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a complete novice, there are numerous equestrian centres and activities throughout Galway to cater to everyone. Why not try riding horseback on a famous Connemara pony? Check out the various equestrian activities available below.


Sit back and relax on a tranquil river cruise as you take in the beautiful sights along the riverbanks. Step onboard and enjoy the hospitality of the captain and crew, and learn fascinating facts about Galway as you sail on the picturesque rivers and lakes. Check out the various cruise providers below.


“Looking for something a bit out of the ordinary? Then this is the place for you! Engage in unique activities that deviate from the norm. From speeding down a track in a kart to taking breathtaking helicopter rides overhead, check out other fun things and activities to do in Galway below.