If you are looking for a unique and enriching experience in the west of Ireland, you might want to consider visiting the Lettermullen & Gorumna Heritage Centre, or Ionad Oidhreachta Leitir Mealláin as it’s known in Irish and to the locals. This centre is located on the islands of Lettermullen and Gorumna, which are part of the Gaeltacht, or Irish-speaking region, of County Galway. The centre showcases the rich history and culture of these islands, which have been inhabited for over 4,000 years.

The centre consists of two buildings: the old schoolhouse and the old post office. The schoolhouse was built in 1898 and served as a primary school until 1973. It now houses a museum that displays various artefacts and photographs related to the education, religion, folklore, and daily life of the islanders. You can also see a replica of a traditional thatched cottage, which gives you a glimpse of how people lived in the past.

The post office was built in 1905 and operated until 1996. It now serves as a visitor centre and a café, where you can enjoy some local delicacies and refreshments. You can also browse through a collection of books, CDs, DVDs, and souvenirs that celebrate the Irish language and culture. The post office also hosts regular events, such as music sessions, storytelling nights, and workshops.

One of the highlights of visiting the centre is the opportunity to interact with the local people, who are very friendly and welcoming. They are eager to share their stories and traditions with you, and to teach you some words and phrases in Irish. You can also join them for a walk around the islands, where you can admire the stunning scenery and wildlife.

The Lettermullen & Gorumna Heritage Centre is open from April to October, from 10am to 5pm. The Ionad Oidhreachta Leitir Mealláin is more than just a museum, it is a place where you can immerse yourself in a different way of life, and learn about the history and culture of a unique community. It is a place where you can connect with nature and with yourself. It is a place that will leave you inspired and enriched.


Ionad Oidhreachta Leitir Mealláin, Lettermullen Community Centre, Lettermullan, Teach Mor, Co. Galway, Ireland

53.241937, -9.731651

Lettermullen and Gorumna Heritage Centre



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