One of the most unique and memorable experiences in Ireland is visiting Joyce Country Sheepdogs, a family-run farm in Connemara that offers demonstrations of sheepdog herding and sheep shearing. The farm is owned by Joe Joyce, a fourth-generation sheep farmer who has been working with sheepdogs since he was a child. Joe and his wife Mary welcome visitors from all over the world to their farm, where they can learn about the history and culture of sheep farming in Ireland, as well as witness the amazing skills of their border collies.

The highlight of the visit is watching Joe and his dogs work together to herd a flock of sheep across the rugged landscape. Joe communicates with his dogs using whistles and commands, and the dogs respond with incredible speed and precision. The dogs are trained to obey Joe’s instructions, but also to use their own intelligence and instincts to deal with different situations. It is a fascinating sight to see how the dogs anticipate Joe’s commands and how they work as a team to control the sheep.

Another attraction of the visit is seeing Joe shear a sheep using traditional hand shears. Joe explains the process of shearing and how it benefits both the sheep and the farmer. He also shows how wool is graded and sorted, and how it can be used for various products. Visitors can touch and feel the wool, and even buy some souvenirs made from it at the farm shop.

Visiting Joyce Country Sheepdogs is more than just a tourist attraction, it is an educational and cultural experience that gives an insight into the life and work of a sheep farmer in Ireland. It is also a chance to meet some friendly and hard-working dogs that will surely steal your heart. If you are looking for something different and authentic to do in Ireland, you should definitely visit Joyce Country Sheepdogs.


Shanafaraghaun, Finny, Clonbur, Co. Galway, Ireland

53.579311, -9.572373

Joyce Country Sheepdogs



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