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Ireland is well known for its beautiful countryside, rugged coastline, and unique cultural heritage. But for fishing enthusiasts, Ireland is also renowned for its world-class angling opportunities. And among the many fishing guides and services available in Ireland, Ireland West Angling and its founder, Brian Curran, stand out as one of the best.

Brian Curran is a highly experienced angling guide who has been fishing the rivers and lakes of western Ireland for over thirty years. He grew up in County Mayo and developed a deep love and appreciation for the local landscapes and waters from an early age. Over the years, he has honed his skills and knowledge of the area’s angling resources, becoming one of the most respected and sought-after guides in the region.

Ireland West Angling offers a range of angling services, including guided fishing trips for salmon, trout, and sea trout. Brian Curran and his team of expert guides have extensive knowledge of the local waters and are skilled at helping anglers of all levels improve their technique and catch more fish. They offer both full and half-day trips and can tailor their services to suit the specific needs and interests of each client.

One of the unique features of Ireland West Angling is their emphasis on sustainability and conservation. Brian Curran and his team are committed to preserving the local fisheries and ensuring that future generations can continue to enjoy the natural beauty and abundance of western Ireland’s waters. They practice catch-and-release fishing and adhere to all relevant regulations and guidelines to ensure that the fish populations remain healthy and thriving.

Ireland West Angling is perfect for anyone looking to explore the stunning landscapes and waters of western Ireland. With their expert knowledge, commitment to sustainability, and passion for the outdoors, the team provide a truly unforgettable experience for anglers and nature lovers alike. So if you’re planning a trip to Ireland and want to experience the best of its angling and natural beauty, be sure to check out Ireland West Angling and see what Brian Curran and his team have to offer.


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