Tiny Clifden


Build your very own Tiny Clifden with this unique 3D paper model kit.


Designed and painted by Anke Eckardt, this beautiful and unique 3D paper model kit allows you to build your very own Tiny Clifden, the capital of Connemara. The model includes 6 of the most iconic shops in Clifden: Clifden Post Office, Lowry’s Bar, Conn O’Mara’s, Moran’s, Griffin’s, and EJ Kings. It’s the perfect gift to bring a little bit of Clifden to your own home.

Clear and easy to follow instructions are included in the kit. All you need is scissors and glue to make these great models inspired by the buildings to be found in Clifden.

Each kit contains five models carefully enriched with minute details, capturing that essential feel of Clifden.

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Approx. 13cm x 10cm x 6cm


Self-assembly. Clear and easy instructions are included.