You may have seen or heard about some of these scenic places on your travels in Galway already, or through browsing your social media feeds, nonetheless, wherever you have come across them before, one things for sure, you can’t come to Galway and not get at least a few snaps at a truly scenic spot for your photo collection!

What’s more you can be the envy of all your friends and followers on your social channels as you casually snap yourself standing in front of these amazing backdrops. And if photo’s aren’t your thing, that’s OK, these scenic places are also the perfect spots to just sit and while away the time surrounded by stunning scenery.

Whether you just want to get lost in the moment or be the envy of others through creating a spectacular Kodak moment, we’ve put together some of most iconic, popular, and highly Instagrammed places for you to visit below. Don’t forget to hashtag us in you social media posts so we can follow you’re adventures in Galway too…



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