The Seymour Mausoleum is a family burial vault located in the village of Laurencetown in County Galway. The mausoleum is a remarkable example of nineteenth-century Gothic architecture and a testament to the history and legacy of the Seymour family, who were prominent landowners and benefactors in the area.

The Seymour family originated from England and settled in Ireland in the seventeenth century. They acquired Ballymore Castle and its lands around 1700 and transformed it into a Georgian mansion. The castle still stands today and is now a private residence. The Seymours were influential and respected members of the local community, supporting various causes such as education, agriculture and religion. They also contributed to the development of Laurencetown, which was named after one of their ancestors, Sir Laurence Parsons.

The mausoleum was built in the early 1800s by John Seymour, who was the High Sheriff of Galway in 1812. It is situated beside a small graveyard known as the Lisheen, which is thought to have been used for burials before the graveyard walls were constructed. The Lisheen is enclosed by a circular earthen bank and may have been an ancient site of worship or ritual.

The mausoleum is made of cut and carved limestone and features elaborate Gothic details such as pointed arches, pinnacles, crockets and finials. It has a steeply pitched roof with a cross at the apex and a plaque with the Seymour coat of arms above the entrance. The entrance is accessed by a series of steps that lead down to a vault with a strong iron door. Inside, there are several stone coffins with inscriptions of the names and dates of the deceased members of the Seymour family.

The mausoleum is a protected structure and is listed on the National Inventory of Architectural Heritage. The site can be reached via a gravelled roadway with an entrance gate at the Kiltormer end of the village.

The Seymour Mausoleum is a hidden gem that offers a glimpse into the past and the lives of a remarkable family that shaped the history and culture of Laurencetown and Galway. It is well worth a visit for anyone interested in architecture, history or heritage.


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Seymour Mausoleum



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