The Commons East Stone Circle near Woodford in Galway is a small stone circle, and one of the few surviving examples of Bronze Age ritual monuments in the county.

A stone circle is a type of megalithic monument that consists of a circular arrangement of standing stones. Stone circles are found across Europe, especially in Britain and Ireland, and they date back to the late Neolithic and early Bronze Age periods (around 3000-1500 BC). Stone circles were probably used for ceremonial and astronomical purposes, as well as for marking burial sites or territorial boundaries.

The Commons East Stone Circle is located in the townland of Commons East. It lies in commonage land, which means that it is shared by several local farmers. The stone circle is set in marsh bog land, and some of the stones are partly obscured by marsh grass. The circle can be accessed by a track that leads from the main road, but visitors should be careful not to disturb the livestock or damage the bog.

The Commons East Stone Circle is a small and simple stone circle that comprises of seven stones. The tallest of the stones stands to just 1 metre in height, while the smallest ones are barely visible above the ground. The two tallest stones are in the eastern quadrant of the circle, and they may have formed an entrance or an alignment with a celestial body. The diameter of the circle is about 6 metres, and it is oriented north-south.

The Commons East Stone Circle is one of the few stone circles that have been recorded in Galway, and it is one of the smallest and most intact ones. It was first surveyed by archaeologist Christy Cunniffe in 2016. The stone circle is estimated to date from the late Bronze Age (around 1200-500 BC), and it may have been associated with other nearby prehistoric monuments.

The stone circle may have been used for ritual activities, such as offerings, ceremonies, or burials. It may have also served as an astronomical observatory, as some stone circles are aligned with solstices, equinoxes, or lunar phases. The stone circle may have been a focal point for the local community, as well as a marker of their identity and territory.

The Commons East Stone Circle is a hidden gem that offers a rare opportunity to see a stone circle in Galway. It is a fascinating and mysterious monument that connects us with our ancient ancestors and their beliefs and practices. It is also a scenic and peaceful spot that allows you to enjoy the natural beauty and tranquility of the bog land.


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Commons East Stone Circle



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