The Ardrahan Standing Stone is a megalithic monument that dates back to the Bronze Age. The stone was located in the village of Ardrahan, in Galway, and it has a very distinctive shape that has attracted the attention of many visitors and researchers.

The Ardrahan Standing Stone is one of the many standing stones that can be found across Ireland, and it is part of a larger complex of archaeological sites in the area, including a monastic site, a holy well, and a ringfort. The stone is made of limestone and it measures about 0.70 metres in height, 0.40 metres in width, and 0.20 metres in thickness. It has a very pronounced phallic shape, with a rounded tip and a tapered base. The stone is oriented north-south and it stands on a small mound of earth.

The stone is believed to have fallen from its original position sometime in the recent past, as there is a crack at the bottom of the stone and it is surrounded by field clearance. The stone was probably standing upright when it was erected, and it may have been aligned with some astronomical or ritual significance. Some scholars have suggested that the stone was a fertility symbol, or that it represented a deity or an ancestor. The stone may have also served as a boundary marker or a territorial marker.

The Ardrahan Standing Stone is a fascinating example of the prehistoric heritage of Ireland, and it offers a glimpse into the beliefs and practices of the people who lived there thousands of years ago.

Update 01/11/2021 – Sadly the fallen standing stone seems to have been removed and can no longer be found at this location.


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Ardrahan Standing Stone



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