The Críost Rí statue is a prominent landmark situated in the town of Gort in Galway. It is a life-size marble sculpture of Christ the King that stands in the market square. The statue was erected in 1930 and is a remarkable example of the artistic and historical significance of the town.

The Críost Rí statue was sculpted by Albert Power (1881-1945), one of Ireland’s most renowned sculptors of the 20th century. Power was born in Dublin and studied at the Dublin Metropolitan School of Art and the Royal Hibernian Academy. He was influenced by the Celtic Revival movement and the Irish War of Independence, and his works often reflected his patriotic and religious sentiments.

Power was commissioned to create the Críost Rí statue by the local parish priest, Father Michael O’Flanagan, who wanted to commemorate the 1500th anniversary of St. Patrick’s arrival in Ireland. Power worked on the statue for two years, using Carrara marble from Italy. He carved the figure of Christ with great skill and detail, capturing his expression, posture and gesture. He also added Celtic interlace patterns and Gaelic lettering to the base and pedestal, which read “Críost Rí” (Christ the King) and “Anois agus go deo” (Now and forever).

The statue was unveiled on October 26th, 1930, by Eamon de Valera, then leader of Fianna Fáil and later president of Ireland. The ceremony was attended by thousands of people, who gathered to witness the blessing of the statue and to hear speeches by de Valera and O’Flanagan. The event was seen as a celebration of Irish nationalism and Catholicism.

The Críost Rí statue is more than just a religious monument; it is also a symbol of the town’s identity and heritage. Gort has a long history of being a stronghold of Irish culture and language, especially during the Penal Laws era, when Catholics were persecuted and oppressed by the British authorities. The town was home to many poets, writers and musicians, who kept alive the traditions of Gaelic literature and music.

The statue represents the town’s devotion to Christ as well as its pride in its Irish roots. It showcases the fine craftsmanship and creativity of Albert Power, who blended classical and Celtic elements in his sculpture. It also reflects the political and social context of the time, when Ireland was emerging as a new independent state after years of struggle and conflict.

The statue has become a focal point of the town centre, visible from all approaches. It is a popular attraction for visitors and locals alike, who admire its beauty and meaning. It is also a place of prayer and reflection, where people can express their faith and gratitude.

The Críost Rí statue is a remarkable piece of art that celebrates the history and culture of Gort. It is a testament to the town’s spirit and resilience, as well as its loyalty to Christ the King.


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Críost Rí Statue



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