If you are looking for a hidden gem in Galway, you might want to visit Kiltiernan Church, a medieval ruin that has no written records of its origin or history. Located near Kilcolgan village in Galway, this church is believed to be part of a monastery founded after St. Tiernan, a disciple of St. Patrick, in the 8th century. However, there is no archaeological or historical evidence to support this claim, and the church remains a mystery to this day.

The church is built of limestone and has a rectangular nave and chancel, with a round-headed doorway on the west end and two windows on the east end. The walls are about 1.5 meters thick and 3 meters high, and the interior measures about 10 by 5 meters. The church is surrounded by a circular enclosure that may have been used as a burial ground, but no graves have been found there.

The church was probably abandoned sometime after the Norman invasion of Ireland in the 12th century, as it does not appear in any ecclesiastical records or taxations. It was rediscovered in the 19th century by local antiquarians, who noted its unusual features and speculated about its origin. Some suggested that it was a pre-Christian temple or a druidic sanctuary, while others thought that it was a hermitage or a retreat for monks.

Today, the church is a National Monument and is accessible to the public. It is a peaceful and scenic spot, where you can admire the ancient architecture and enjoy the views of the countryside.



53.188026, -8.842823

Kiltiernan Church



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