Eglish Abbey is a mysterious monastery that dates back to the 17th century. Eglish Abbey was built in 1612 and was dedicated to St. Cavan, a local saint who is said to have lived in a cave near the abbey. The abbey was founded by the Carmelites, an order of monks who followed a strict rule of silence and prayer.

Eglish Abbey is located in a rural area, surrounded by fields and trees. The abbey is now in ruins, with only a few walls and arches remaining. The exact location of the abbey is unknown, as it is not marked on any map or signpost. 

The abbey is a fascinating place to explore, as it offers a glimpse into the history and culture of Galway. You can admire the architecture of the abbey, which features a Gothic style with pointed arches and windows. You can also see some carvings and inscriptions on the stones, which might reveal some clues about the life of the monks. You can also enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the abbey, which invites you to reflect and meditate.

Eglish Abbey is one of the few Carmelite monasteries in Ireland, and it has a unique history and charm.


Exact Location Unknown

Eglish Abbey



The most truly peaceful and spiritual religious setting within miles and miles.

October 4, 2023

Stories of the Carmelite bothers linking arms and forming a human chain that stretched over to Garbally and stories of battles, food and gold being hidden from foreign soldiers as well as their own.

Religious beliefs and practices are documented and the sights from the heights of the Abbey are an artist’s dream.

Philip Tracey.