The Well of the Seven Daughters is a holy well in the Renvyle peninsula of Connemara, a scenic region in the West of Ireland. The well is dedicated to seven sisters who were said to be the daughters of a king or a chief, and who were cured by the water of the well. The well is also associated with a medieval church and graveyard, which are located nearby and offer stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean and the islands of Inishbofin.

According to local tradition, the seven sisters were either the daughters of a King of Leinster or a chief of Omey Island, an island off the coast of Connemara. They suffered from an unknown illness that made them blind, deaf and mute. Their father brought them to Connemara in search of a cure, and heard about a well that had healing powers. He took his daughters to the well and bathed their eyes, ears and mouths with the water. Miraculously, they regained their senses and were healed.

As a sign of gratitude, their father built a church near the well, which he dedicated to his daughters. The church is known as Teampaill na Seacht nInion, which means “the church of the seven daughters” in Irish. The sisters then became missionaries and preached along the coast of Connemara, spreading Christianity and performing miracles. They are said to have died on the same day and were buried in the graveyard beside the church.

The Well of the Seven Daughters is situated 100 metres north of the church, in a secluded spot surrounded by rocks and vegetation. The well is covered by a stone slab that has seven holes in it, representing the seven sisters. The water is clear and cold, and is believed to have curative properties for various ailments, especially eye problems. Pilgrims used to visit the well on certain days of the year, such as St. John’s Eve (June 23rd) or St. Brigid’s Day (February 1st), and perform rituals such as walking around the well seven times, reciting prayers, leaving offerings or drinking from the water.

The Well of the Seven Daughters and the Church of the Seven Daughters are located on Renvyle Point, at the western end of the Renvyle peninsula in Connemara. You can reach them by car or by foot from Renvyle village, which is about 3 kilometres away. There is a small parking area near the church, where you can leave your car and walk to the well along a path that follows the coastline.

The well and the church are open to visitors all year round, and there is no admission fee or guided tours. You can explore them at your own pace and enjoy their history, culture and nature. However, please be respectful of their sacredness and their environment, and do not litter or damage anything.


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Well of the Seven Daughters



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