St. Sourney’s Holy Well, near Kilcolgan in County Galway, is a holy well dedicated to St. Sourney, a female saint who founded a church here in the 6th century. The well is said to have healing powers and is still visited by pilgrims today.

St. Sourney, also known as St. Sairnait, was one of the early Irish saints who spread Christianity in the west of Ireland. She built her church on a hill overlooking the sea, where she lived a life of prayer and charity. She was buried in a stone cell near the church, which was later used to rebuild the well by a work crew. The church ruins still stand today, with an 11th-century gothic carved doorway and a 19th-century mausoleum.

The well is located behind the church, surrounded by a stone wall and a metal gate. The water is clear and cold, and flows into a small basin. There are several offerings left by visitors, such as coins, rosaries, medals and flowers. Some people also tie ribbons or cloths to the nearby trees as a sign of their prayers.

The well is believed to cure various ailments, especially eye problems and headaches. People who seek healing usually follow a ritual that involves saying prayers, making the sign of the cross with the water, drinking some of it and washing their eyes or head with it. Some also leave a piece of clothing or cloth that touched their body at the well as a token of their faith.

St. Sourney’s Holy Well is not only a place of healing, but also a place of history and culture. It reflects the rich heritage of Galway and its connection to the early Irish saints.


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St. Sourney's Well



A quiet place

February 2, 2024

Visited this graveyard recently where my friend is buried. Very peaceful and really historic sight.