St. Kieran’s Holy Well in Galway is one of the many holy wells that can be found throughout the country, and it has a rich history and folklore associated with it.

St. Kieran (or Ciarán) was one of the twelve apostles of Ireland, and he founded several monasteries, including the famous Clonmacnoise. He is said to have been born in the 6th century in Connacht, and he died in 549 AD. He is the patron saint of Clonmacnoise, and his feast day is September 9th.

According to legend, St. Kieran’s Holy Well contains healing properties and was particularly good at curing headaches. The well is located near Castlekeeran and Carnaross townlands, about three miles from each other. The well is made of bedrock and is accessible by crossing one of two bridges across a river. The well is covered with stone slabs and concrete, and there is a wooden shrine in front of it.

The well is visited by pilgrims who seek the miraculous cures offered by the waters, or who simply want to enjoy the tranquility and beauty of the surroundings. The well is also a place of prayer and reflection, where people can connect with their faith and heritage. Some people leave offerings at the well, such as coins, rosaries, medals, or flowers.

The well is not very well known or signposted, so you might need to ask for directions from the locals. St. Kieran’s Holy Well is one of the many holy wells in Galway that offer a glimpse into the rich spiritual tradition of Ireland. These wells are often linked to saints or legends, and they have their own stories and secrets to tell.


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St Kieran's Well



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