St. Colman’s Holy Well in Galway is a sacred site that has been visited by pilgrims for centuries. The well is dedicated to St. Colman, a seventh-century Irish saint who was born near the well and baptized there by a miraculous spring. The well is said to have healing powers and to be the source of many miracles.

St. Colman was the son of Duach, a local chieftain, and Rhinagh, a noblewoman. According to legend, when Rhinagh gave birth to Colman, she took him to a priest for baptism, but there was no water available. She prayed under an ash tree, and a fountain sprang up from the ground. The priest baptized Colman with the water from the well, and named him after the ash tree (col means hazel in Irish).

Colman grew up to be a holy man, who founded several monasteries and churches in Ireland. He was also ordained as an archbishop by Pope John IV. He was known for his miracles, such as curing the sick, multiplying food, and calming storms. He died in 632 AD and was buried in Kilmacduagh, where his relics are still venerated.

St. Colman’s Well is located in the townland of Croker, near Gort, in County Galway. It is enclosed by a concrete wall and accessed by a metal gate. The well itself is housed inside an elaborate structure, with a green painted statue of St. Colman inside. The statue depicts him holding a crozier and a book, with a bird on his shoulder. The bird is said to be his companion, who would wake him up for prayer.

The well is traditionally celebrated on October 29th, the feast day of St. Colman. Pilgrims would visit the well on this date and perform the “Rounds”, a ritual of prayers and circumambulations around the well. The well water is believed to have healing properties, especially for eye ailments, skin diseases, and infertility. Many people also leave offerings at the well, such as coins, rosaries, medals, and cloths.

The well is surrounded by a peaceful landscape, with fields, trees, and hills in the background. There is also a plaque near the well that tells the story of St. Colman and his well. St. Colman’s Holy Well is a place of spiritual significance and historical interest. It is a testament to the faith and devotion of generations of pilgrims who have sought the intercession of St. Colman for their needs and troubles.


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St. Colman's Well



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