When roaming throughout Galway you may stumble upon places that seem all a bit too familiar, like you’ve been there before, a place that you recognise but don’t know where from. The chances are that you’ve stumbled upon an iconic place in Galway, which, for reason of its history or it’s sheer beauty, have resulted in many visitors coming there over time, and capturing their own picture memory to share with others in person or online.

Some of the places listed below are synonymous with Galway, that if you were to show others, they would instantly know it’s Galway, while others are iconic in their own right through their history and association with famous figures of the past. Due to their often unique and picturesque settings, many sites have gained plenty of attention and popularity online from would-be travelers.

Galway is steeped in fascinating history and these iconic structures and places are waiting for you to learn about their own unique story. Sometimes you’ve just got do what a typical tourist does and check out some of they wonderful sites listed below to get a sense of Galway’s interesting past.