Lough Auna is a small lake in the Connemara region of County Galway. It is surrounded by boglands and mountains, and has a serene and scenic beauty. But beneath its calm surface, there may lurk a terrifying and mysterious creature that has haunted the locals for decades.

The first reported sighting of the creature of Lough Auna dates back to the 1960s, when a local farmer claimed to have seen a grey animal with a pointed back swimming in the lake. He described it as being about 15 feet long, and having a head like a horse and a body like an eel. He was so frightened by the encounter that he never went near the lake again.

A few years later, in 1969, his story was corroborated by Commodore Kort of the Royal Netherlands Air Force, who was visiting the area with his wife. They were driving along the road near Lough Ana when they spotted something strange in the water. They stopped their car and watched as a large creature emerged from the lake and crossed the road in front of them. They estimated its length to be about 18 feet, and noticed that it had scales, flippers, and a long tail. They also said that it had a horse-like head with large eyes and nostrils, and that it made a loud snorting sound as it passed by.

Since then, there have been several more sightings of the creature by various witnesses, including bog workers, fishermen, tourists, and locals. Some have even claimed to have seen more than one creature at a time, suggesting that there may be a family or a colony of them living in Lough Auna. The descriptions of the creature have been consistent over the years, and match those of an ancient Irish legend: the Dobhar-chú.

The Dobhar-chú, which means “water hound” or “hound of the deep” in Irish, is a mythical beast that is said to inhabit lakes and rivers throughout Ireland. It is often depicted as a cross between an otter and a dog, but sometimes as an otter-like creature with a horse’s head. It is said to be very aggressive and ferocious, and to prey on humans and animals alike. It is also said to have a mate, and to whistle loudly when it is dying to alert its partner, who will then seek revenge on its killer.

Is the creature of Lough Auna a real animal, or a manifestation of the Dobhar-chú legend? Is it a relic of prehistoric times, or a mutation of some known species? Is it harmless or dangerous? These are some of the questions that have intrigued and baffled many for years. Some have tried to explain the sightings as misidentifications of otters, seals, or fish, but others have argued that these animals do not match the size, shape, or behavior of the creature. 

The mystery of the creature of Lough Auna remains unsolved, and perhaps it will never be solved. But for those who live near or visit the lake, there is always a sense of wonder and fear about what may lurk beneath its surface.


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Large Swimming Creature



Tom Joyce

September 25, 2022

Tom Joyce the farmer owns that land and I stayed with him at his farm. He told me in great detail about the Lough Auna monster…