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Tyrone House is one of the most impressive and haunted ruins in Galway. Built in 1779 by Christopher French St. George, a wealthy landowner and politician, the house was a symbol of his power and prestige. The house was designed by John Roberts, a renowned architect who also worked on Moore Hall and Waterford Cathedral. 

The St. George family was influential in the social and economic affairs of Galway. Christopher’s son, also named Christopher, was a founder of the Galway Blazers hunt and the Galway races. He also established the Kilcolgan oyster beds, which are still famous today. However, the younger Christopher also had a secret that would cause his downfall: he fell in love with a Catholic woman, Mary Lynch, and married her in 1845.

This was a scandalous act for a Protestant family in 19th century Ireland. The St. Georges were staunch supporters of the British Crown and the Anglican Church, and they despised Catholics as rebels and traitors. Christopher’s father disowned him and cut him off from his inheritance. Christopher and Mary had to live in poverty and obscurity, while their relatives enjoyed the comforts of Tyrone House.

Christopher died in 1877, but his ghost is said to still haunt the ruins of his former home. He is believed to roam the grounds in protest of his family’s injustice and cruelty. Some people have reported seeing his apparition or hearing his footsteps or moans. Others have felt a cold presence or a sense of sadness or anger.

Tyrone House itself met a tragic fate in 1920, when it was burned down by the Irish Republican Army during the War of Independence. The IRA targeted many country houses owned by British loyalists or absentee landlords, as symbols of oppression and exploitation.

Today, Tyrone House is a haunting reminder of the past, both glorious and grim. It stands as a testament to the history of Galway, the conflicts of Ireland, and the love story of Christopher and Mary St. George.


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