Dunsandle House was once a magnificent mansion in County Galway, built in the late 18th century by the Daly family, who were influential landowners and politicians. The house was renowned for its elegant neo-classical plasterwork, especially in the saloon, the morning-room and the drawing-room. However, the house fell into decay after the Cromwellian conquest of Ireland and was eventually sold and demolished in the 1950s. Today, only a few ruins remain of the once splendid estate.

But Dunsandle House was not only famous for its architecture, but also for its paranormal activity. According to local legend, a ghost of a tall man haunted the mantelpiece of the house, which was made of stone and carved with intricate designs. The ghost was said to have attached itself to the mantelpiece sometime in the mid to late 20th century, possibly as a result of some disturbance or desecration of the site.

The ghost’s presence was first noticed by a stonemason who removed some parts of the mantelpiece for his own use. He reported that the ghost followed him to his workshop and caused havoc there, throwing objects around and making strange noises at night. He also claimed that he heard fiddling music coming from the mantelpiece, as if someone was playing a violin or a fiddle.

The stonemason was so terrified by the ghost that he tried to get rid of the mantelpiece, but he could not find anyone who would take it. He even offered it for free to anyone who would remove it from his premises, but no one dared to accept his offer. It is unknown what happened to the mantelpiece or the ghost eventually, whether they were returned to Dunsandle House, destroyed or relocated somewhere else.

The ghost at the mantelpiece of Dunsandle House is one of the most intriguing and mysterious stories of Irish folklore. It raises many questions about the origin and nature of the ghost, as well as its connection to the mantelpiece and the house. Was it a former resident or visitor of Dunsandle House, who had a special attachment or affinity to the mantelpiece? Was it a spirit of the land or a fairy, who was angered by the removal of the mantelpiece from its original location? Was it a manifestation of some psychic energy or residual haunting, triggered by some event or emotion related to the mantelpiece?

Unfortunately, we may never know the answers to these questions, as Dunsandle House is no longer standing and its history is largely forgotten. However, we can still marvel at this fascinating tale of a haunted object and its mysterious occupant, and wonder what secrets they may have hidden within their stone carvings.


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Ghost Near the MantelPiece



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