If you are fascinated by the world of the faeries, you might want to visit Knockma Hill in Galway. This hill is not only a scenic spot with a stunning view, but also a place of legend and lore. According to Irish folklore, Knockma Hill was the site of a fairy battle and the home of a fairy king.

The fairy battle at Knockma Hill took place around 1846, during the potato famine. Some reports say that the fairies fought openly above the skies of the hill, while others say that they fought underground in their hidden realm. The reason for the battle is unclear, but some speculate that it was a conflict between the fairies of Connacht and those of Ulster, or that it was a rebellion against the fairy king Finvarra (Finnbheara).

Finvarra was the ruler of the Connacht fairies and one of the most powerful beings in Irish mythology. He was said to live in his castle on Knockma Hill, which was one of the three cairns (stone mounds) on the summit. The other two cairns were believed to be the burial places of Queen Maeve of Connacht and her lover Ailill. Finvarra was known for his generosity and wisdom, but also for his mischief and lust. He often abducted beautiful women, both mortal and fairy, to be his brides. His queen was Oona (Una), a fairy princess who was loyal and faithful to him.

Knockma Hill is still considered to be a fairy fortress and a portal to the otherworld. Many people have reported seeing strange lights, hearing music and voices, or feeling a presence on the hill. Some have even claimed to encounter Finvarra or his subjects. It is advised not to disturb the cairns or the fairy forts (circular stone enclosures) on the hill, as this might anger the fairies and bring bad luck. On the contrary, if you respect and honour the fairies, you might receive their blessings and favours.

Knockma Hill is a place where history, folklore and nature blend together in a magical way.


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Fairy Battle at Knockma Hill



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