Woodlawn Train Station is a small railway station located in the village of Woodlawn, near Ballinasloe, in County Galway. It serves the Dublin-Galway and Galway-Limerick routes, and has been operating since 1851. But apart from being a convenient stop for commuters and travellers, Woodlawn Train Station also has a dark and eerie reputation as the site of a bizarre and terrifying paranormal encounter: the sighting of the Bear Faced Man.

The Bear Faced Man is a creature that has been described as having a human body and a bear’s head. According to legend, it was seen by two witnesses who were walking home from the train station one night, sometime in the late 19th or early 20th century. They heard a groaning sound coming from behind a wall near the station, and decided to climb over it to investigate. To their horror, they saw a strange beast that looked like a man with a bear’s face, sitting on the ground and clutching its stomach. The creature spoke to them in a human voice, saying “Don’t speak to me” and then walked away into the darkness.

The witnesses were shocked and frightened by what they had seen, and reported their experience to the local authorities. However, no trace of the creature was ever found, and no one could explain its origin or nature. Some speculated that it was a deformed or mutated human, or a hybrid of a man and a bear. Others suggested that it was a supernatural being, such as a fairy, a demon, or a shapeshifter. Some even claimed that it was the ghost of a man who had been killed by a bear, or vice versa.

The story of the Bear Faced Man has become part of the folklore and history of Woodlawn Train Station, and has attracted the interest of paranormal enthusiasts and researchers. Several attempts have been made to find evidence or clues about the creature, but none have been successful so far. The wall where it was seen still stands today, and some people claim to have heard strange noises or felt uneasy near it.


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Bear Faced Man



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