If you are a fan of medieval romance, you might have seen the 2006 film Tristan & Isolde, starring James Franco and Sophia Myles. The film is based on a legend that dates back to the 12th century, about a forbidden love affair between a Cornish knight and an Irish princess during the Dark Ages. The film follows the tragic fate of the lovers, who are caught in a web of political intrigue, betrayal and war. But did you know that some of the most beautiful scenes of the film were shot in Galway? 

One of the main locations used in the film was Killary Harbour, a long and narrow inlet that forms a natural border between Galway and Mayo. Killary Harbour offers spectacular views of the mountains and the sea. The harbour was used as the backdrop for several scenes in the film, such as when Tristan arrives in Ireland by boat, when he meets Isolde for the first time on the beach, and when they escape from King Donnchadh’s castle.

Another location that was extensively used in the film was Renvyle Peninsula, a scenic area that extends into the Atlantic Ocean from Connemara. The Renvyle Peninsula is known for its rugged beauty, with rocky cliffs, sandy beaches and green fields. The peninsula was used as the setting for many of the outdoor scenes in the film, such as when Tristan and Isolde ride horses along the coast, when they hide in a cave, and when they witness a battle between the Irish and the British.

One of the most memorable scenes in the film is when Tristan and Isolde are reunited at Glassilaun Beach, a stunning beach located on Renvyle Peninsula. Glassilaun Beach is famous for its white sand, clear water and panoramic views of the mountains and islands. The beach was also used as the location for King Donnchadh’s fort, where Tristan and Isolde are discovered by their enemies.

Another beach that was used in the film was Lettergesh Beach, also located on Renvyle Peninsula. Lettergesh Beach is a long and sandy beach that faces the Atlantic Ocean. The beach was used as the location for some of the scenes involving King Donnchadh’s army, such as when they arrive by boat to attack Tristan’s homeland.

Tristan & Isolde is a film that showcases not only a captivating story of love and tragedy, but also some of the most beautiful places in Galway.


Killary Harbour (Tristan's Arrival by Boat)

Renvyle Peninsula (Several Scenes)

Glassilaun Beach (King Donnchadh's Fort)

Lettergesh Beach (King Donnchadh's Army Scenes)



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