Rated 5 out of 5

The Quiet Man is a romance film which tells the story of Sean Thornton, played by John Wayne, who returned from America to Ireland and falls for Mary Kate Danagher, played by Maureen O’Hara. However their relationship is complicated by Sean’s dark past and Mary Kate’s fiery temper, along with local prejudices.

Much of the scenes from the Quiet Man film were filmed around the landscape of Connemara. In particular, the areas of Cong, Maam Cross and the nearby beaches were chosen as the perfect backdrop locations for the film.

Not far from Oughterard, you will reach The Quiet Man Bridge where Sean stood when he set eyes on his family’s cottage for the first time. Lettergesh Beach in Renvyle, plays host to the dramatic horse-race scene, while Cong village was used as the fictional ‘Inisfree’ village.


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The Quiet Man



Watched the Quiet Man being filmed at Glassilaun Beach, and also Lettergesch Beach, as a 6 year old child, with my younger brothers. My mother was from Glassilaun and moved to England as a young woman. She was a great admirer of John Wayne. First cousins now live above Glassilaun beach, and Lettergesch beach. Hopefully will get to take my daughter and grandson for a visit to this beautiful unspoilt area.

Rated 5 out of 5
March 15, 2023

Watched the Quiet Man movie being filmed around 1950 on Lettergesch Beach, and also from Glassilaun Beach, and from the mountain Benhona which overlooks both beaches. John Wayne was my mothers favorite actor so she was out there watching parts of the Quiet Man being made. I have made many visits to Glassilaun over the years, visiting many cousins and aunts and uncles. I worked for the US Army Hospital in Heidelberg, Germany for many years, and am now retired close to Heidelberg.

Maureen Dyke-Brenzel, Heidelberg, Germany