Father Ted is a classic Irish sitcom that aired from 1995 to 1998 on Channel 4. It follows the misadventures of three Catholic priests and their housekeeper who live on a remote island called Craggy Island, off the west coast of Ireland. The show is widely regarded as one of the best comedies ever made, and has a cult following among fans.

But did you know that Craggy Island is actually based on a real island? In fact, the island that is shown in the opening credits and some exterior shots of the show is none other than Inisheer, the smallest and most easterly of the three Aran Islands in Galway Bay.

Inisheer (or Inis Oírr in Irish) is a beautiful island with a rich history and culture. It has a population of about 343 people, and is known for its limestone landscape, ancient monuments, traditional music and language. The island is also home to some unique attractions, such as the MV Plassy which featured in the opening credits of the show, and is a shipwreck that ran aground on the island in 1960 and can still be seen today.

The island’s connection to Father Ted goes beyond just being a filming location. In fact, every year since 2007, the island hosts an annual festival called TedFest, which celebrates the show and its legacy. TedFest attracts hundreds of fans from all over the world, who dress up as their favourite characters, take part in various activities and events, such as the Lovely Girls Contest, the Craggy Cup football match, the Priests vs Nuns beach volleyball game, and of course, watch episodes of the show.

TedFest is not only a fun and quirky festival, but also a way of supporting the island’s community and economy. The festival generates income for local businesses, such as pubs, hotels, restaurants and shops, and helps to promote the island as a tourist destination. The festival also raises money for charity, such as the RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution), which provides lifesaving services to coastal communities.

If you are a fan of Father Ted, or just looking for a unique and memorable experience, you should definitely visit Inisheer and join TedFest. You will not regret it!


Inisheer (Craggy Island)



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