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If you are looking for a place to explore the history and beauty of Galway, you might want to visit Daly’s Grove Walled Garden. This walled garden was built around 1830 as part of the Daly’s Grove Estate, a country house that belonged to the Daly family, who were prominent landowners and politicians in the region. The walled garden was used to provide vegetables, fruit and flowers for the house, as well as a place for leisure and relaxation.

The walled garden is located near the village of Ahascragh, about 40 km east of Galway city. It is currently in use as part of farmland, but you can still see the remnants of features that once existed in the garden, such as the garden room, the segmental-arched vehicular opening, and the square-headed opening. The walls are made of coursed random rubble limestone with rubble coping and cut limestone to openings. The garden room, which is now in ruins, has a square-headed opening and a fireplace, and evidence of plasterwork on the interior walls.

The walled garden is a reminder of the horticultural tradition that was once associated with old country houses. The walls provided shelter from wind and frost, and raised the garden temperature by several degrees, allowing for a variety of plants to grow. The garden also reflected the taste and status of the owners, who could enjoy the fruits of their labour and entertain their guests in a pleasant setting.

The walled garden is not open to the public, but you can view it from the roadside or with the landowner’s permission. It is worth a visit if you are interested in the history and heritage of Galway, or if you just want to admire a hidden gem that has survived the test of time.


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Daly's Grove Walled Garden



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