If you ever visit the town of Tuam in Galway, you might notice a striking metal sculpture in the car park on Bishop Street. It looks like two plants or trees, with a kind of fruit between the branches. You might wonder what it is and what it represents. Well, this sculpture has a fascinating story behind it, and it reveals a lot about the modern culture and heritage of Tuam.

The sculpture was created by Donnacha Cahill, a renowned artist from Athenry, with the design help from Transition Year Students in the ‘Artist in School’ class of March 2011 at the Presentation College Tuam. The project was funded by Galway County Council and supported by the school and the local community.

The sculpture is called ‘The Seed’, and it symbolises the growth and development of Tuam as a town and as a community. The two plants represent the two main rivers that flow through Tuam, the Nanny and the Clare, which are vital sources of life and energy for the town. The fruit between the branches represents the town itself, with its rich history, culture and diversity. The fruit also suggests the potential and creativity of the people of Tuam, especially the young generation.

The sculpture was unveiled in June 2011 by Councillor Michael Connolly, then Mayor of County Galway. It was originally intended to be placed in a more prominent location in the town centre, but due to planning issues, it was temporarily installed in the car park on Bishop Street. However, the sculpture has become a popular attraction for locals and visitors alike, and it has been praised for its artistic quality and its cultural relevance.

The sculpture is not only a beautiful piece of art, but also a testament to the collaboration and creativity of the students, the artist, the school and the community. It shows how a local school project can become a symbol of Tuam’s culture and heritage, and how art can express and celebrate the identity of a place and its people.


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Presentation Tuam TY Sculpture



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