Galway is a city that celebrates its rich cultural heritage and diversity. One of the ways it does so is by displaying various statues and monuments that reflect its history, values and aspirations. One of these sculptures is the Equality Emerging statue, located opposite the Galway Cathedral in the city centre.

The statue was created by John Behan, one of Ireland’s most renowned sculptors. The statue was inspired by an idea from Eddie Higgins and Nuala Keher, the founders and executive directors of Equal Ireland, a charity that provides education and training opportunities to people who missed out on them earlier in life.

The statue was unveiled in November 2001, and it depicts a human figure breaking free from a wall that represents oppression and inequality. The dedication on the statue reads:

“The statue equality emerging is dedicated to people everywhere who are struggling for equality and to those suffering because of its absence. The emerging figure represents the force for equality, the wall, those people and systems in opposition.”

The statue is a powerful symbol of the ongoing fight for social justice and human rights in Ireland and around the world. It also celebrates the achievements of those who have overcome barriers and challenges to pursue their dreams and goals. The statue reminds us that equality is not something that is given, but something that is earned through struggle and perseverance.

At the base of the statue, there is a verse that was inspired by both the concept of the sculpture itself and by the Statue of Liberty in New York. It reads:

“Above a hole in the ground
No matter what stands
Measures nothing of life unless
It touches our hearts
Inspires our humanity to act
And then to persevere
EHNK 2001″

The Equality Emerging statue is one of Galway’s most striking and meaningful artworks, and it invites us to reflect on our own role in creating a more fair and inclusive society.


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Equality Emerging Statue



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