If you are looking for a unique and fascinating place to visit in County Galway, you might want to check out Templetogher Mill, a community restored corn mill that dates back to the 19th century. Located near the village of Williamstown, Templetogher Mill is a rare example of the many small rural mills that once dotted the Irish countryside. 

Templetogher Mill was built in the early 1800s and was used to grind corn into flour for local farmers and residents. Records show that a miller named Morgan O’Brien ran the mill in 1856. He was later succeeded by the Egan family of millers, who operated the mill until the 1940s. The mill then fell into disrepair and ruin, until a group of local volunteers decided to restore it in the 2000’s.

Templetogher Mill is a three-bay, three-storey stone building with a slate roof. It has a large wooden water wheel on the side, which is connected to a series of gears and shafts inside the mill. The mill also has three or four pairs of millstones, which were used to grind different types of corn into various grades of flour. The mill also features a corn drying kiln nearby, which was used to dry the corn before milling. The kiln is a circular stone structure with a conical roof and a central fireplace.

Templetogher Mill was restored by a group of local volunteers with the help of grants from various sources, such as the Heritage Council, Galway County Council and FÁS. The restoration project involved repairing the water wheel, the gears, the shafts, the millstones and the roof. The volunteers also rethatched the miller’s cottage next to the mill, which is now open to visitors as well. 

Templetogher Mill is a great place to visit for anyone interested in learning more about Galway’s industrial heritage, rural history and traditional crafts. The mill is open to visitors from May to September, and guided tours are available on request. Visitors can see how the mill works, learn about the milling process and the life of the millers. On occasions, Templetogher Mill is also a venue for cultural events, such as music sessions, storytelling nights and craft workshops.

Templetogher Mill is a testament to the skill, dedication and passion of the local community who restored it from ruin to glory. If you are looking for a unique and fascinating place to visit in County Galway, you might want to check out Templetogher Mill.


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Templetogher Mill



Wonderful renovation and addition to Cooney family burial cemetery

April 23, 2023

My wife and I and our three daughters visited this site to pay respects to our ancestors while touring Ireland from the Boston area, U.S. The new signage and renovated buildings are such a wonderful reminder and welcome addition to this site of family reverence. Our previous visit in 1999 had been inspired by our Uncle Austin Cooney who coordinated with cousins to restore the family burial marker. We were so pleased to share this newly renovated site complete with cottage, park, spring, brook and corn mill. It’s a place we treasure and would be happy to promote going forward.

Christopher Cooney grandson of Augustine and Bridget Cooney of Roslindale Boston MA.