Newtowneyre Mill is a windmill located near the village of Kiltormer in Galway. It was built around 1780 and is one of the few surviving examples of circular-plan windmills in the county. Although it is now in a ruinous and roofless state, it still stands as a visual reminder of the industrial heritage of South Galway and an eyecatching landmark on an elevated site.

Windmills have been in use in Ireland since the medieval period, but most of them date from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. They were used for various purposes, such as grinding grain, pumping water, or powering machinery. Newtowneyre Mill was probably used for grinding grain, as it is situated near a fertile area that was known for its corn production.

Newtowneyre Mill is a typical drum-type windmill, which means it has a cylindrical stone tower with a conical roof that could rotate to face the wind. The roof was supported by a wooden frame and covered with thatch or slate. The tower had two opposing doors, one facing east and one facing west, to allow the miller to enter and exit safely regardless of the wind direction. The tower also had several small windows to let in light and air.

The windmill had four sails made of wood and canvas, which were attached to a horizontal shaft that ran through the center of the tower. The shaft was connected to a vertical shaft that drove a large millstone on the ground floor. The millstone was used to grind the grain into flour, which was then collected in sacks or barrels.

Newtowneyre Mill ceased to operate sometime in the late nineteenth or early twentieth century, as wind power was replaced by more efficient and reliable sources of energy, such as steam or electricity. The windmill gradually fell into disrepair and decay, losing its roof, sails, and machinery. It became a ruin that was exposed to the elements and vandalism.

However, Newtowneyre Mill has not been completely forgotten or abandoned. It is protected under the National Monuments Act 1930-2004. As the mill is located on private land, it is not open to the public, but it can be viewed from the roadside or with the landowner’s permission.


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Newtowneyre Mill



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