Gold Cave Crescent Mill was a windmill in Tuam in Galway, which dates back to the mid-18th century, and is one of the few remaining in the county. The windmill was built around 1750 by Dr Josiah Hort, who was the bishop of Tuam from 1742 to 1752. He was a prominent figure in the Church of Ireland and a friend of Jonathan Swift, the author of Gulliver’s Travels. He was also interested in agriculture and industry, and he established several mills and factories in Tuam, including a linen mill, a paper mill, a bleach mill and a tannery.

The Gold Cave Crescent Mill was a three-stage windmill, meaning that it had three floors connected by ladders. The lowest floor was used for storing grain, the middle floor for grinding it, and the top floor for sifting it. The windmill had four sails that could be adjusted to catch the wind from any direction. It was used to produce flour for the local market and for export.

The windmill was named after the nearby Gold Cave, which was a natural cavern that was reputed to contain hidden treasure. According to legend, the cave was once inhabited by a giant who guarded a hoard of gold coins. The giant was killed by a local hero named Cian, who then claimed the treasure for himself. However, he was pursued by the giant’s relatives, who chased him into the cave and sealed him inside with his gold. The cave was never opened again, and its exact location is unknown.

The windmill operated until the early 19th century, when it became obsolete due to the introduction of steam power and railways. It gradually fell into decay and was eventually abandoned. Today, it is sadly derelict and roofless, but it still stands as a reminder of Tuam’s past glory and industry. It is one of the few windmill stumps in Ireland, and its cylindrical form suggests an earlier date than other types.

The windmill is located on Gold Cave Crescent, a residential street in Tuam. It is not open to the public, but it can be viewed from the road. It is protected as a national monument by the National Inventory of Architectural Heritage (NIAH), which describes it as “a significant element of the industrial heritage of Tuam”.


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Gold Cave Crescent Mill



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