The Cornamona Kiln is a well-preserved lime kiln that dates back to the late 18th or early 19th century. The kiln is located near the village of Cornamona, in the Connemara region of Galway, and it serves as a reminder of the important role that lime production played in the local economy and agriculture.

A lime kiln is a structure that is used to produce lime by burning limestone, a sedimentary rock that contains calcium carbonate. Lime is a versatile substance that has many uses, such as making mortar, plaster, cement, whitewash, and fertilizer. Lime can also improve the quality of acidic soils by raising their pH level.

To make lime, limestone is loaded into the top of the kiln, which has a cylindrical shape and an opening at the bottom. The kiln is then heated by burning wood, coal, or peat in a fire at the base of the kiln. The heat causes the limestone to decompose into carbon dioxide and calcium oxide, which is also known as quicklime. The quicklime falls through the opening at the bottom of the kiln and is collected in a pit or a cart. The quicklime can then be slaked with water to produce hydrated lime, which is more stable and easier to handle.

The Cornamona Kiln is one of the few surviving lime kilns in Galway, and it is in a remarkably good condition. The kiln has a circular plan and a conical roof made of stone. It has an arched opening at the base that allows access to the fire chamber and the quicklime pit. The kiln also has two small openings on opposite sides of the roof that allow air to circulate and smoke to escape.

The kiln was strategically positioned near a river, which facilitated the transport of limestone and lime by boat. The kiln was also built on a hillock, which ensured a continuous airflow and a better combustion. The kiln was probably used by local farmers and builders who needed lime for their crops and constructions.

The Cornamona Kiln is located on a private land, but it can be seen from the road that leads to the village of Cornamona, or with the landowner’s permission. The Cornamona Kiln is a fascinating example of how people used natural resources and technology to improve their lives and environment. It is also a testament to the rich and diverse industrial heritage of Galway and Ireland.


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Cornamona Kiln



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