Ballycahill Mill is a historic corn mill near the village of Tynagh in Galway. Ballycahill Mill was built around 1800 and was one of the many mills that were powered by the Kilcrow River, a tributary of the Shannon. The mill was part of the booming corn milling industry in Ireland in the early nineteenth century, when corn was a staple crop for both domestic consumption and export.

Ballycahill Mill has several features that showcase its history and function, such as the former mill building, the mill owner’s house, a mill pond, a mill dam, sluices and a bridge. The mill building is a two-storey stone structure with a slate roof and a chimney. The mill owner’s house is a detached three-bay two-storey house with a hipped roof and a central doorcase. The mill pond is a large artificial pool of water that stored water for the mill. The mill dam is a stone wall that diverted water from the river to the mill pond. The sluices are wooden gates that controlled the flow of water from the pond to the mill wheel. The bridge is a single-arch stone bridge that crosses the river near the mill.

Ballycahill Mill was operated by different owners over time, such as Bryan McDermott, James Nolan and Patrick Kelly. The mill produced flour from wheat and oats, as well as animal feed from barley and maize. The mill also had a tuck mill, which was used to process woolen cloth by washing, beating and shrinking it. The mill was active until the mid-twentieth century, when it became obsolete due to the decline of the corn milling industry and the introduction of modern machinery.

Today, Ballycahill Mill is a protected structure and a site of local interest. It is owned by Galway County Council but is not accessible to the public and can only be seen by the roadside or with the owner’s permission. The site offers a glimpse into the past and the role of corn mills in the rural economy and society of Galway. It is also a scenic spot to enjoy nature and wildlife along the Kilcrow River.


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Ballycahill Mill



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