Addergoole More Mill is a water mill that dates back to the early 19th century. Located near the village of Dunmore, this mill is a reminder of the small-scale milling industry that once flourished in this part of County Galway.

Addergoole More Mill was built around 1825 by the Burke family, who owned several estates in the area. The mill was used to grind corn and oats for local farmers and merchants. The mill was powered by a water wheel that was fed by a stream that ran through the townland of Addergoole. The mill also had a kiln for drying the grain before milling.

The mill operated until the early 20th century, when it was abandoned due to the decline of the milling industry. The mill was later used as a storehouse and a workshop by the local community. However, the mill gradually fell into disrepair and became derelict.

The mill is a three-bay, three-storey structure with a pitched slate roof and stone walls. The mill has two entrances on the ground floor, one for loading and unloading the grain and another for accessing the machinery. The first floor was used for storing the grain, while the second floor housed the milling stones and gears. The mill also has several windows on each floor to provide light and ventilation.

The water wheel is located on the south side of the mill, where it is partially submerged in the stream. The wheel is made of wood and metal and has a diameter of about 4 meters. The wheel is connected to a shaft that runs through the mill and drives the milling machinery.

The kiln is located on the north side of the mill, adjacent to the stream. The kiln is a circular structure with a conical roof and a stone chimney. The kiln has an opening on the ground floor for loading and unloading the grain, and another opening on the first floor for feeding the fire. The kiln was used to dry the grain before milling, which improved its quality and shelf life.

Addergoole More Mill is not open to the public, but it can be viewed from the road or with the landowner’s permission. The mill is a protected structure under the National Monuments Act, and it is listed in the National Inventory of Architectural Heritage. However, the mill is in poor condition and needs urgent conservation work to prevent further deterioration.


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Addergoole More Mill



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