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Ballynastaig Stone Fort is one of the many ancient monuments that dot the landscape of County Galway. It is a circular enclosure of stone walls, about 50 metres in diameter, that dates back to the Iron Age. The fort is located near the town of Gort, in a scenic area surrounded by hills and fields.

The walls of the fort are about 2 metres high in some parts, but they are missing or collapsed in others. The walls are covered with grass and trees, giving the fort a natural and rustic appearance. The original entrance to the fort is unknown, as there is no clear gap in the walls. Inside the fort, there are some traces of buildings and a souterrain, which is an underground chamber that may have been used for storage or hiding.

The souterrain is accessed by a narrow alleyway that leads to five steps down into the chamber. The chamber is about 2.5 metres wide and 7 metres long, with a roof made of stone beams that fit tightly together. The chamber is partially flooded with water, which may indicate that it was also used as a well. The souterrain is an impressive example of the engineering skills of the ancient people who built it.

Ballynastaig Stone Fort is not a well-known fort, but it is worth a visit for anyone who is interested in the history and culture of Ireland. The fort offers a glimpse into the past, when people lived in fortified settlements and used underground structures for various purposes. The fort also provides a peaceful and scenic spot to enjoy the beauty of nature and the countryside. The fort is not accessible to the public unless you seek permission from the local landowner in advance.


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Ballynastaig Stone Fort



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