If you are looking for a hidden gem in Galway, you might want to visit Wallscourt Castle, a mysterious ruin that once belonged to the famous Blake family. The castle is located near Kilreekill, about 30 km from Galway city, and it is not well known by tourists or locals. In fact, there is not much information available about the history of the castle or the manor house that was built next to it.

The Blake family were one of the fourteen tribes of Galway, a group of merchant families that dominated the political, commercial and social life of the city from the 13th to the 19th centuries. They acquired Wallscourt Castle in the 16th century, and it was their seat until the 19th century. The castle was originally a tower house, a type of fortified residence common in Ireland at that time. It had a vaulted basement and three or four storeys above it. The Blakes added a two-storey house to the tower in the 18th century, creating a complex of buildings that reflected their wealth and status.

However, the Blakes lost their lands and properties during the Great Famine and the subsequent Land Wars, and Wallscourt Castle fell into decay. Today, only a fragment of the two-storey house remains, adjacent to the vaulted remains of the lower level of the tower. The rest of the buildings have collapsed or been demolished, leaving behind a pile of stones and rubble. The castle is surrounded by fields and trees, and it is not easy to access. The castle is located on private land, so you will need to seek the landowner’s permission to visit it.

Wallscourt Castle is a fascinating example of how history can be forgotten and erased by time and neglect. It is also a reminder of the glory and tragedy of the Blake family, who once ruled over this land but now have no trace left of their legacy.


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Wallscourt Castle



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