Ricks Island Castle is one of the many historic castles to be found in Galway. It is located on a small island in the middle of Lough Cutra, a lake that is also home to Lough Cutra Castle. The castle is believed to have been built by a Norman family in the 16th century, but little is known about its history and who lived there.

Ricks Island Castle is not easy to access, as it is surrounded by water and there is no bridge or boat service to the island. However, this adds to its charm and allure, as you can admire it from a distance and imagine what secrets it holds. The castle is a typical tower house with four stories and a battlemented roof. It has a rectangular shape and a small entrance on the south side. The walls are made of limestone and are about 1.5 meters thick.

The castle is in ruins, but you can still see some features such as windows, fireplaces, stairs, and chambers. The interior is overgrown with vegetation and wildlife, creating a contrast between the man-made structure and nature. The castle is also a habitat for birds, such as swans, herons, and ducks, that nest on the island.

The island itself is about 2 hectares in size and has some trees and grassland. It is part of a Special Area of Conservation, which means that it is protected for its natural value and biodiversity. The island also offers stunning views of Lough Cutra and the surrounding countryside.

Ricks Island Castle is one of the hidden gems of Galway, and a place where you can feel the history and mystery of Ireland. It is a reminder of the past, but also a living part of the present. If you are looking for a different and adventurous way to explore Galway, you should definitely add Ricks Island Castle to your list.


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Ricks Island Castle



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