Rathgorgin Castle was a 13th century tower house that was built by a Norman family, believed to have been the De Burgo (Burke) family, who were among the most powerful and influential lords in Ireland. The castle was understood to have been held at one point by Ulick Burke, who was involved in several wars and rebellions against the English crown. Unfortunately, there is little further history known of the castle, and it has almost completely disappeared over time. However, some of the ruins can still be seen, and they offer a glimpse into the past of this ancient stronghold.

Rathgorgin Castle is located near Killtullagh, a small village in County Galway. It is not easy to find, as there are no signs or directions to guide you. The castle itself is in a very poor condition, and only a few walls and fragments remain. You can still see the outline of the tower house, which was a typical medieval fortification with thick stone walls and narrow windows. The tower house had four floors, each with a single room and a fireplace. The ground floor was used for storage, the first floor was the main hall, the second floor was the lord’s chamber, and the third floor was the solar or private chamber. The tower house also had a spiral staircase and a battlemented roof. The castle was protected by a bawn or courtyard wall, which had a gatehouse and a corner tower. The bawn wall also had arrow loops and machicolations for defence.

Rathgorgin Castle is not open to the public, and as it is located on private land, you will need to seek the landowner’s permission before visiting.


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Rathgorgin Castle



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