Rahally Castle is a 15th-century tower house that has been lovingly restored to its natural glory by its current owners, who also display a collection of tapestries from around the world in the castle rooms.

Rahally Castle was built by the De Burgo (Burke) family, who were one of the most powerful Anglo-Norman families in Ireland. The De Burgos ruled over large parts of Connacht and Munster, and built many castles and abbeys in the region. Rahally Castle is one of their tower houses, which were fortified residences that served as both defensive and residential structures. Tower houses were common in Ireland from the 14th to the 17th centuries, and are distinctive for their tall and narrow shape, thick walls, small windows and spiral staircases.

Rahally Castle is unique in County Galway, because it comprises both a tower house (typical to the county) and an additional wing, which was more commonly seen in County Clare, which is immediately south of Galway. The eastern part of the castle was built first and contains five stories and a spiral staircase. There are many other architectural features to be seen throughout, such as fireplaces, corbels, vaulted ceilings, loopholes and a roof arch that is dated 1713 with the initials M.D. and N.S. The western part of the castle was added later and has three stories and a gabled roof. The castle also has a bawn or walled courtyard that starts on the east side of the tower, leading to a cylindrical granary and the rest of the courtyard.

Rahally Castle had been uninhabited for many years and has undergone several phases of restoration work. The current owners bought the castle in 2016 and have continued to restore it with care and respect for its history. They have also decorated the castle with tapestries from different countries and cultures, such as China, India, Peru, Morocco and Turkey. The tapestries add color and warmth to the castle rooms, and reflect the owners’ passion for art and travel. The owners also host events and workshops at the castle, such as yoga retreats, art classes, music concerts and cultural festivals.

Rahally Castle is located in Ardrahan, about 30 km south of Galway city. The castle is surrounded by scenic countryside views and offers a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere for visitors. The castle is open to the public by appointment only, so if you are interested in visiting Rahally Castle, you can contact the owners by email in advance.

Rahally Castle is a hidden gem in Galway that offers a glimpse into Ireland’s medieval past and a celebration of tapestries from around the world. It is a place where history, art and nature come together in harmony.


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Rahally Castle



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