Lydacan Castle is a five-storey tower house that dates back to the late 16th century. Lydacan Castle is located near the town of Gort, about 30 km south of Galway city, and is surrounded by lush green fields and a tranquil lake.

Lydacan Castle was built by Mautagh O’Heyne, a local chieftain who ruled over the area of Hy Fiachrach Aidhne. The castle later passed to the Lynch family, one of the fourteen tribes of Galway, who held it until the 19th century. The castle was then abandoned and fell into ruin, but it still retains many architectural features that showcase its former glory.

Some of the features that you can see at Lydacan Castle include:

  • A large arched doorway that leads to the ground floor, where there was a kitchen and a storage room.
  • A spiral staircase that connects the five floors of the castle, each with a single room and a fireplace.
  • A vaulted ceiling on the first floor, where there was a hall for receiving guests and holding feasts.
  • A garderobe (a medieval toilet) on the second floor, which had a chute that emptied into the lake.
  • A mural chamber on the third floor, where there was a small room with a window that had decorative plasterwork on the walls.
  • A bawn (a defensive wall) that surrounded the castle, with a gatehouse and a corner tower.

Lydacan Castle is not open to the public, but you can view it from the roadside or with the landowner’s permission. Lydacan Castle is a hidden gem in Galway that offers a glimpse into the history and culture of Ireland.


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Lydacan Castle



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