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If you are looking for a castle in Galway that is off the beaten track, you might want to check out Lavallyconnor Castle. This four-storey tower is located near the village of Ardrahan, about 25 km south of Galway city. It is not as well-known or as well-preserved as some of the other castles in the county, but it has its own charm and history that make it worth a visit.

Lavallyconnor Castle was probably built in the late 15th or early 16th century by the O’Shaughnessy clan, who were the lords of Kiltartan and controlled much of south Galway at the time. The castle was strategically situated on a hill overlooking the road from Galway to Limerick, and was part of a network of fortifications that protected the O’Shaughnessy lands from invaders.

The castle has undergone many alterations and additions over the centuries, and its original appearance is not easy to discern. It has gables on its east and west walls, which indicate that it was extended or modified at some point. It also has a chimney stack on its north side, which serves a fireplace that was inserted into a window embrasure of the second storey. The castle has lost its battlements, and most of its windows and doors are blocked up or collapsed.

The history of the castle is not very well documented, and it is unclear when and how it fell into ruin. It may have been damaged during the Cromwellian conquest of Ireland in the 1650s, when many castles were besieged and destroyed by the English forces. It may also have been abandoned or confiscated during the Penal Laws, which imposed harsh restrictions on Catholics in the 17th and 18th centuries. The last known occupants of the castle were the Blake family, who leased it from the O’Shaughnessys in the early 19th century.

Today, Lavallyconnor Castle is in ruin but many features can still be seen. You can park on the roadside near the castle, but be careful not to block any gates or driveways. The castle is on private land, so you will need to ask permission from the owner before entering. Lavallyconnor Castle may not be as impressive or as popular as some of the other castles in Galway, but it has a unique character and a mysterious past that make it worth a visit.


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Lavallyconnor Castle



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