Daly Castle, also known as Castledaly, was originally a 16th century tower house built by the Blake family, one of the fourteen Tribes of Galway who dominated the city from the 13th to the 19th centuries. The tower house was called Corbally, which means “the rocky place” in Irish.

In 1829, the castle was acquired by Peter Daly, a descendant of the Dalys of Killimer and Dalysgrove, two prominent families in east Galway. Peter Daly remodeled the castle and added a new façade in the Gothic Revival style, giving it a more romantic and elegant appearance. He also renamed it to Castledaly, or Daly Castle, after his own family.

The castle became a seat of James Daly from 1894, who was a politician and journalist. He founded the Connaught Telegraph newspaper and was involved in the Land War and Home Rule movements. He died in 1924 and was buried in the family mausoleum near the castle.

Today, only the façade of Daly Castle remains, while the rest are ruins. However, you can still appreciate the architectural significance of the castle by observing how it incorporates the older tower house into the newer structure. The tower house is visible on the eastern side of the castle, where you can see its rectangular shape and small windows. The tower house was made of limestone and had four storeys. It was used for defence and living quarters by the Blake family.

The façade of Daly Castle is made of ashlar stone and has three bays and two storeys. It has a central entrance with a pointed arch and a fanlight above it. The windows are also pointed and have hood mouldings. The façade is topped by battlements and pinnacles that give it a castle-like appearance. The façade reflects the Gothic Revival style that was popular in the 19th century, inspired by medieval architecture and literature. The façade was designed to impress visitors and show off the wealth and status of the Daly family.

If you visit Daly Castle, you can also explore some of the attractions nearby that are related to its history and culture. One of them is St. Theresa’s Church, which is located within the castle’s demesne. The church was built around 1850 with contributions from the Daly family. It is a simple Gothic Revival building with a nave, chancel and bell tower. Inside the church, you can see some memorial tablets of the Daly family and their coat of arms.

Daly Castle is a remarkable place that tells us a lot about the history, architecture and culture of Galway. It is a testament to how different generations and styles can coexist and create something unique and beautiful. Daly Castle is located on private land and is not open to the public. You will need to seek the landowner’s permission before visiting the castle ruins.


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Daly Castle




September 12, 2022

My grant grandfatheris a Daly . Michael Rexford Daly son Lawrence Eugene Daly, His child Patricia Louise Daly I’m grant grandchild Eva Veen .do they have pic’s

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